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Does Defensive Medicine Change the Behaviors of Vascular Surgeons? A Qualitative Review

Table 1

Vascular surgery pathologies: carotid stenosis, aortic aneurysms, aortic dissections, and peripheral arterial disease, evaluated in the light of the indication, timing, and technique.


Carotid stenosis To treat symptomatic stenosis or only haemodynamic asymptomatic lesionsWithin 24 hours from symptoms onset or within 14 daysCarotid endarterectomy or carotid artery stenting

Aortic aneurysmsTo treat on the basis of the diameter or on the basis of accompanying symptoms and/or aortic morphology In case of symptoms: as soon as possible or after careful patient evaluationOpen repair or endovascular repair

Aortic dissectionsTo treat all the dissection or selectively on the basis of visceral malperfusion, aneurismatic dilatation, and uncontrolled pain and hypertension Within 15 days from symptoms onset or after 15 daysOpen repair or endovascular repair

Peripheral arterial diseaseTo treat patients presenting with claudication or only patients with critical limb ischemiaCritical limb ischemia presenting patient should always be treated in urgent/emergent settingOpen repair or endovascular repair.
In case of endovascular repair, use or do not use stent, covered stent, and drug eluting devices
To recognize patients presenting with acute limb ischemia