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Cardiovascular Diseases and Women: Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior in the General Population in Italy

Table 3

Multivariate logistic and linear regression analyses indicating associations between several variables and the different outcomes regarding cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

VariableORSE95% CI value

Model 1: knowledge of the CVDs’ main risk factors
(smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, fatty diet)
Log likelihood = −396.29, = (6 df),
 Self-perceived health status0.820.030.75–0.90<0.001
 Number of children
  Three or more0.350.080.22–0.57<0.001
 Educational level
  College degree or higher1*
  No formal education/elementary/middle school0.20.060.1–0.37<0.001
  High school0.570.130.36–0.890.014
 Marital status2.530.991.18–5.450.017

VariableORSE95% CIP value

Model 2: knowledge of the CVDs’ main preventive measures
Log likelihood = −348.11, (8 df),
 Physician as source of information2.010.391.38–2.93<0.001
 Knowledge of main CVDs’ risk factors6.741.364.53–10.02<0.001
 Educational level
  College degree or higher1*
  No formal education/elementary/middle school0.490.160.26–0.950.035
  High school0.680.170.41–1.110.127
 Self-perceived health status1.100.060.99–1.220.059
 Marital status1.760.740.77–4.000.178

VariableCoeff.SE value

Model 3: worries about developing CVDs
(9.733) = 6.72, , = 0.07%, adjusted = 0.06%
 Need of additional information toward CVDs0.720.23.57<0.001
 Number of children
  Two 0.430.231.880.061
  Three or more0.930.273.42<0.001
 Self-perceived health status−0.140.04−2.970.003
 Educational level
  College degree or higher*
  No formal education/elementary/middle school0.50.22.460.014
 Having at least one chronic disease (CVDs, diabetes, obesity, hypertension)0.310.171.830.067
 Physician as source of information
 Knowledge of the CVDs’ main risk factors (smoking, cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, fatty diet)−0.290.19−1.520.129

VariableORSE95% CI value

Model 4: women’s high risk profile
Log likelihood = −419.71, = 35.10 (9 df),
 Number of children
  Two 0.510.110.33–0.790.003
  Three or more0.440.110.26–0.740.002
 Educational level
  College degree or higher1*
  High school0.660.150.42–1.020.064
  No formal education/elementary/middle school1.330.340.81–2.200.252
 Knowledge of no smoking as a CVDs’ preventive measure1.560.530.80–3.060.187
 Knowledge of smoking as a CVDs’ risk factor1.570.610.73–3.380.240
 Self-perceived health status0.950.040.87–1.040.308
 Knowledge of physical activity as a CVDs’ preventive measure1.220.250.82–1.830.311
 Marital status0.750.230.41–1.360.349

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