Research Article

The Increased Expression of Connexin and VEGF in Mouse Ovarian Tissue Vitrification by Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Figure 2

Apoptosis in the different groups using TUNEL. TUNEL results showed that apoptosis mainly occurred in the granulosa cells and oocytes of the primordial follicle, primary follicle, secondary follicle, and antral follicle, with little apoptosis in the primordial follicle. TUNEL results suggested that the ovarian apoptotic rates of CG, OG-FSH, EG-FSH, and LG-FSH groups were significantly lower than that of the NG-FSH group. * indicates a statistically significant difference compared with the other groups. (a) CG. (b) NG-FSH. (c) OG-FSH. (d) EG-FSH. (e) LG-FSH. (f) Negative control. (g) Analysis of apoptotic cell. PF indicates primordial follicles; P indicates primary follicles; S indicates secondary follicles (S).