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Serological Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Human Cystic Echinococcosis: A New Hope for the Future?

Table 2

Use of antigen B and derivatives for the diagnosis of CE patients (articles published from 2006).

AntigenNumber of CE patientsConfirmatory testTechnique, antibodySensitivity (%)Negative serology more frequent whenReference

Purified21SurgeryImmunochromatography, IgG100Not specified [42]
Immunochromatography, IgG495
23SurgeryELISA, IgG100Not specified [46]
5Imaging techniques and serology80
32Imaging techniquesELISA, IgG93.8CE4 and CE5 cyst stages[16]
40SurgeryELISA, IgG87.5Not specified [30]
108SurgeryDIGFA, IgG89.8Cyst location other than liver; CE1, CE4, and CE5 cyst stages; small cysts[43]
113Imaging techniquesDIGFA, IgG92.9Not specified[44]
35Imaging techniquesELISA, IgG54CE1, CE4, and CE5 cyst stages[63]
56SurgeryELISA, all (Protein G)96.91Not specified [37]

Recombinant B131SurgeryELISA, all (Protein G)71Parasite genotype other than G1[38]
124SurgeryELISA, IgG83Not specified[19]
246Imaging techniquesELISA, all (Protein G)77.6Not specified[64]
113Imaging techniquesDIGFA, IgG77.9Not specified[44]
56SurgeryELISA, all (Protein G)94.6Not specified[37]
123Imaging techniquesELISA, IgG73.9CE4 and CE5 cyst stages, no pretreatment[15]

Recombinant B2543SurgeryELISA, IgG77.8Single cyst, no pretreatment [17]
124SurgeryELISA, IgG62.9Not specified[19]

Recombinant 2B2543SurgeryELISA, IgG92.6Single cyst, no pretreatment [17]

Recombinant B3124SurgeryELISA, IgG29Not specified[19]

Recombinant B4124SurgeryELISA, IgG75.8Not specified[19]
36SurgeryELISA, IgG91.7Not specified[39]

Recombinant B5124SurgeryELISA, IgG41.3Not specified[19]

P176 peptide61SurgeryELISA, IgG78.7Lung cysts, no complications, single cyst, and small cysts[48]
63SurgeryELISA, IgG23.8Not specified[50]

Long D8-9 peptide35Imaging techniquesELISA IgG74.3Not specified[41]

Positive serology against HF in ELISA IgG, 1EgAgB purified from a Chinese sheep isolate, 2EgAgB purified from a Iranian sheep isolate, patients selected by their positivity in ELISA IgG against HF, 3Spanish patients, and 4Peruvian patients.