Research Article

A Tissue Retrieval and Postharvest Processing Regimen for Rodent Reproductive Tissues Compatible with Long-Term Storage on the International Space Station and Postflight Biospecimen Sharing Program

Figure 7

RNA and protein quality of STS-135 uteri and ovaries stabilized in RNAlater for 10 months at −80°C. (a) STS-135 ground control (G16–G26) ovarian and uterine RNA integrity analysis. Total RNA was extracted and examined for RNA quality; (b) Western blot analysis of ERα and actin in STS-135 mouse uterus. Total cell lysates were prepared and subjected to SDS-PAGE (15 μg/lane). Western blot analysis was performed using the corresponding antibodies to check expression levels of the proteins. Representative Immunoblot (top) and its graphical presentation (bottom). Densitometric intensities of specific protein bands were digitally obtained and normalized to β-actin.