Figure 6: Morphology of apoptotic bodies in cells treated with 0.5 pM and 50 nM kainic (KA) acid and control cells. 20 μL of dissociated cortical neurons (1 × 105 cells/mL) exposed to 0.5 pM ((a) and (b)) and 50 nM (c and d) KA for 180 min and control cells ((e) and (f)) were spread onto a slide and 5 μL of FITC-Annexin V and 50 μL Annexin-binding buffer were added. The slides were subsequently analyzed using fluorescence microscopy ((a), (c), and (e)) or light microscopy ((b), (d), and (f)) for the detection of apoptosis. Apoptotic cells (Annexin V-positive, black arrows) were visualized in KA-treated groups ((a) and (c)) under fluorescence microscopy but were not detected in control cells (e). Blue arrows indicate the corresponding Annexin V-positive cells in KA-treated groups as seen under light microscope.