Table 1: Summary of five differentially regulated proteins in kainic acid-induced apoptosis, compared to KA-induced necrosis, as detected by two-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis (DIGE) and mass spectrometry.

Spot numberProtein Accession (ID) numberaMW (Da)b/PIChangecSequence Coverage (%)dMowse scoree

13-Mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferaseNP_620198.132809/5.881.613%67
2Pyruvate dehydrogenase betaNP_001007621.135842/6.201.727%185
3Tubulin beta 5NP_035785.149639/4.781.89%112
4Heat shock protein 60 (HSP60)CAA37654.157890/5.352.219%252
5Guanine nucleotide binding proteinNP_001013932.137339/5.741.216%122

Significantly upregulated proteins demonstrated a greater than 1.5-fold increase in expression.
aReference for protein identification from the protein database at the National Center for Biotechnical Information (NCBI).
bMW: molecular weight.
cIntensity of spots from two samples run in the 2D-DIGE gel as measured by IMAGEMASTER 2D software.
dSequence coverage (%) indicates the number of amino acids spanned by the assigned peptides divided by the sequence length.
eMowse score indicates the probability that the match between the database and a spectrum is a random event.