Table 6: Few examples of anti-IGF-RI monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) [223].

Monoclonal antibodyClassClinical information

CP-751,871Fully human
IgG2 mab
Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumours, breast cancer, single agent in metastatic CRC

IMC-A12 Fully human
IgG1 mab
Ewing’s sarcoma family of tumours CRC and H&N cancer

R1507 Fully human
IgG1 mab previously known as RO4858696
Pediatric patients and sarcomas.

AMG-479Fully human mabEwing’s sarcoma family of tumours,
pancreatic cancer

SCH-717454 Fully human mab
previously known as 19D12 (Medarex)
Colorectal cancer (CRC)

AVE-1642 Humanized mabPreviously known as EM164 (ImmunoGen)

MK-0646 Fabre
Humanized mab
Previously known as A2CHM, F50035, 7C10, or 7H2HM
Colorectal cancer (CRC)

BIIB022 Fully human
IgG4.P antibody
Devoid of Fc-effector function to eliminate potential Fc mediated toxicity to the normal vital organs.