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Regulation of ICAM-1 in Cells of the Monocyte/Macrophage System in Microgravity

Figure 2

Cytometry analysis of ICAM-1 expression in BV-2 microglial cells in simulated microgravity (2D clinorotation). BV-2 microglial cells were exposed to either clinorotation (μg), placed in the clinostat but not rotated (1 g control group), or cultured under standard cell culture conditions (incubator control) for 24 h. Cells were stained for ICAM-1 surface expression and analyzed by flow cytometry. The level of ICAM-1 surface expression is represented by the mean fluorescent intensity assessed by flow cytometry. (a) In forward/sideward scatter detection mode of flow cytometry, two gates were set to separate two subtypes of BV-2 microglial cells that appeared different in size and granulation (subtypes 1 and 2 in dot plots). (b) Distribution of BV-2 microglial cells in subtypes 1 and 2 after exposure to different gravity conditions. (c) Quantification of ICAM-1 expression after exposure to different gravity conditions within subtypes 1 and 2. Data are given as median ± SE (, , , , according to one-way ANOVA followed by Wilcoxon or unpaired -test).