Table 1: Visualization of enriched Gene Ontology categorization terms (GSEA, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis of biological processes). Gene sets identical in FS/FC and FS/GS are not colored; the ones identical in FS/GS, FC/GS and the overlap of both are in bold font (FS = flight space; FC = flight centrifugation, and GS = ground static).

NumberEnriched gene set (biological process)FS/FCFS/GSFC/GSOverlap
Gene set size

1ATP catabolic process0887
2ATP biosynthetic process10900
3Defense response0202614
4Mitochondrial electron transport chain7700
5Lipid metabolic process0876
6MAPK cascade0293627
7Metabolic process0252016
8Mitochondrial electron transport111100
9Oxidation-reduction process013128
10Photosynthesis, light harvesting0555
11Photosynthetic electron transport chain5500
12Protein phosphorylation0233118
13Protein targeting to membrane0121310
14Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent012118
15Respiratory burst involved in defense response0222621
16Response to chitin0766
17Response to ethylene stimulus0565
18Response to hypoxia0696
19Response to oxidative stress015139
20Response to stress0996
21rRNA processing0161514
22Toxin catabolic process0776
23Transition metal ion transport010128
25Two-component signal transduction system0655