Table 1: Summary of in vitro degradation rates, in terms of average mass loss per week, of brushite cements found in the literature. A range in degradation rate is given when several groups were studied, for example, variations in cement composition or variations in amount of liquid. Only data from degradation experiments performed at 37°C was included.

L/P ratioLiquidTimeDegradation rate 
mass percentage points/week

0.22 mL/gH2O25 weeks0.37Present study
1.33 mL/gH2O16 days7.1–8.9[10]

0.22 mL/gPBS25 weeks0.35Present study
0.57 mL/gPBS90 days1.5[6]
0.5 mL/gPBS90 days1.2–1.9[19]
0.57 mL/gPBS28 days2.1–4.8[5]
0.8 mL/gRingers solution28 days2.8[7]
0.5 mL/gPBS21 days1.8[15]
1 g/gPBS14 days2.9–11.7[14]
1 g/gPBS14 days0.5–8.7[8]

0.22 mL/gSerum25 weeks0.22Present study
0.57 mL/gFBS28 days16.0[5]
0.57 mL/gFBS90 days4.4[6]