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Age-Specific Gene Expression Profiles of Rhesus Monkey Ovaries Detected by Microarray Analysis

Table 6

Results of functional annotation of orthologs genes upregulated in old monkey ovary compared to young monkey ovary.


Regulation of cellular processNegative regulation of catalytic activity/negative regulation of molecular functionPKIG, CAST, ENG, APOC1, and THY1
Negative regulation of cellular component organizationRHOQ, APOC1, and THY1
Negative regulation of nitrogen compound metabolic process/negative regulation of cellular biosynthetic process/negative regulation of biosynthetic processPKIG, ENG, PBXIP1, APOC1, and CCDC85B

Aging AgingENG, FADS1, and ALDOC

Defense responseResponse to woundingIGFBP4, AOX1, ENG, TFPI, and MASP1
Defense responseCLEC1A, IGFBP4, AOX1, IL1R1, and MASP1
Response to endogenous stimulusCYP11A1, RHOQ, FADS1, and ALDOC

Oxidation reductionOxidation reduction/fat-soluble vitamin metabolic process/unsaturated fatty acid biosynthetic processCYP11A1, AOX1, RETSAT, FADS1, and FADS2

Cell growthRegulation of cell growthIGFBP4,WISP2, and CCDC85B

KEGG_PATHWAYLeukocyte transendothelial migrationMMP9, RAP1A, MYL9, and THY1
Biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acidsFADS1, FADS2

Functional categories of genes were assembled from annotation and PubMed.