BioMed Research International / 2015 / Article / Fig 7

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Comparative Study on the Cytoprotective Effects of Activated Protein C Treatment in Nonsteatotic and Steatotic Livers under Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury

Figure 7

Direct effects of APC on steatotic hepatocytes in vitro. In cells treated with H2O2 + APC, the survival rates of steatotic hepatocytes were significantly increased compared with those of cells treated with H2O2 alone (). By adding an inhibitor of AMPK (compound C), the survival rate was significantly decreased () (a). Cell cytotoxicity, which was calculated by the AST level in the culture media, was significantly decreased in the H2O2 + APC treatment, compared with H2O2 treatment alone. By adding compound C, the AST levels were significantly increased (b). APC increased the ATP concentration in hepatocytes which were cultured for 24 h with H2O2 (c). Representative western blots for phospho-AMPK (p-AMPK) and total-AMPK (t-AMPK) in hepatocytes which were cultured for 24 h with H2O2 are shown; APC increased AMPK phosphorylation () (d).