Table 3: Adjusted odds ratios and their 95% confidence intervals (CIs) for the association between sociodemographic and smoking-related variables and SHS exposure at home.

FactorSHS exposure at home OR 95% CI
Not exposed

Age (in years)
School grade
Father’s education
 No formal education64931.00Reference
 Less than university4979000.750.66–0.86
 University or higher48811680.530.42–0.69
Mother’s education
 No formal education841451.00Reference
 Less than university52710680.950.74–1.15
 University or higher4389480.840.62–1.11
Family structure
 One or both parents100221171.00Reference
Smoking status
 Smoker or former smoker5185163.112.66–3.63
Parents smoking
 One or both are smokers5102756.495.44– 7.73
Close friends smoking
 Some of them smoke6307632.752.36–3.20
Knowledge about harmful effects of smoking
Belief in harmful effects of SHS

Each variable is adjusted by the other variables in the table.