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The TF-miRNA Coregulation Network in Oral Lichen Planus

Table 1

The detailed information about the 6 network modules as well as their TF and miRNA regulators.

Module#Nodes#EdgesmiRNAsTranscription factors

Module 1134952hsa-miR-628-5pSALL2, PEG3, ZNF865, HES3, ZNF283, ZIM2, FOSB, PAX6, SIX2, ZNF616, KDM5D, SRY, RFX4, and ZFY
Module 262594hsa-miR-595ASCL4
Module 31601301hsa-miR-34c-5p 
ELK3, RFX8, MIXL1, HIF1A, and ZNF552
Module 480405hsa-miR-29aLIN28A
Module 555335hsa-miR-190THRA, NR1D1, and NR1D2
Module 643241hsa-miR-146b-5pZNF626