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RCCS Bioreactor-Based Modelled Microgravity Induces Significant Changes on In Vitro 3D Neuroglial Cell Cultures

Figure 2

Cell viability assay. (a) Representative images of preinduced and spontaneously formed GL15 aggregates and spontaneously formed SH-SY5Y aggregates (as indicated). Aggregates were stained with DAPI (blue), Annexin V-Alexa 488 (green), and propidium iodide (PI; red). DAPI-positive/Annexin V-Alexa 488-negative/PI-negative cells are healthy; DAPI-positive/Annexin V-Alexa 488-positive/PI-negative and PI-positive cells are considered apoptotic (Annexin V, arrowheads); DAPI-positive/Annexin V-Alexa 488-negative/PI-positive cells are necrotic (PI, arrowheads). (b) Quantification of apoptotic and necrotic cells in aggregate sections. Data derived from 3 independent experiments.