Figure 2: Validation of the diagnostic value of serum HSC71 concentration in RCC by ELISA. (a) The serum HSC71 concentration in 30 RCC patients, 10 healthy people, and 20 other urologic diseases (Non-RCC) was determined using ELISA. The mean concentrations of serum HSC71 in Healthy, Non-RCC, and RCC groups were 9.64, 12.34, and 30.17 ng/L, respectively. Both Healthy and Non-RCC groups showed significantly lower levels of HSC71 than the RCC group (, ). (b) The receiver-operating characteristic curve (ROC curve) for the serum levels of HSC71 in patients with RCC compared with control group. The area under each curve is 0.86 (95% CI, 0.76~0.96).