Research Article

Cloning and Characterization of Spliced Variants of the Porcine G Protein Coupled Receptor 120

Figure 4

Tissue and cell expression of pGPR120 spliced variants. Primer GPR120-Variant was designed for the spliced sequence which could produce three different fragments from the variants (a). The blue domain represents the common sequence, while the red domain represents the missed sequence of V2 and the green domain represents the missed sequence of V3. The pGPR120 spliced variants were separated by 10% polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in adipose, ileum, jejunum, duodenum, and spleen (b). Samples were extracted from the cell lines, 3D4/2, PK15, IPEC-J2, and the primary cells isolated from pigs, ADSC and DFAT. The expression of spliced variants was detected by semiquantitative RT-PCR (c).
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