Figure 15: Overview tHUCSL-INTRALIFT procedure with Piezotome II/SOLO: (a) after reverting a minimal invasive crestal flap the sinus floor is opened transcrestal with the diamond coated Piezotome-tip TKW2, (b) a sealing receptacle is prepared with the diamond-coated Piezotome-tip TKW4, (c) the Piezotome-tip TKW5 is tight-fit inserted into the receptacle to prevent liquid-back-flow to the oral cavity and by this subantral loss of hydrodynamic pressure. The Piezotome then is activated and the periosteum of the Schneiderian membrane cleanly detached from the bony antrum floor utilizing the cavitation effect. (d) Insertion of 2 ccm biomaterial into the subperiosteal scaffold, (e) clinical case of a typical tHUCSL-INTRALIFT-procedure, (f) subantral application of 2 ccm biomaterial, (g) wound closure, (h) postsurgical X-ray control of the sinus lift site, (i) implant insertion after average 8.7 months, and (j) final prosthetic treatment.