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Anodisation Increases Integration of Unloaded Titanium Implants in Sheep Mandible

Table 2

Results of elemental analysis (element and atomic percentages) of implant surfaces using EDX.

  ElementElement %Atomic %

Control RBMTi K100100

Test 1O K17.838.54
P K2.342.61
Ca K7.596.56
Ti K 72.2852.29

Test 2O K11.85 28.03
P K2.312.83
Ca K8.788.29
Ti K 75.9260
V K1.150.85

Test 3O K 21.7344.22
Al K2.162.61
P K2.923.07
Ca K11.078.99
Ti K 58.0939.49
V K0.700.45
Nb L3.331.14