Table 5: Intra- and perioperative data.

Concomitant surgery ()
 LASH (laparoscopic supracervical hysterectomy)7/10
 Ovarian cystectomy1/10
 Adhesiolysis of omentum or bowel5/10
 Anterior colporrhaphy1/10
 Posterior colporrhaphy1/10
 Haemoglobin (mean, g/dL)
Preoperative 13.9
 Postoperative day 12.0
 Postoperative before discharge 12.4
Need for analgesics postoperatively (, %)
 Piritramid 0–6 h. 9/10
 Piritramid or other short acting opioids 6–48 h.1/10
 NSAID in medium dose 6–48 h. 7/10
 NSAID in low dose 6–48 h. 3/10
 NSAID regularly in a low dose 3–5 d. 2/10
 NSAID on demand in a low dose 3–5 d.6/10
 NSAID on demand in a low dose beyond 6 d.1/10
Hospital stay (days)
 Mean 5.9
 Range3 to 11

Given in the intermediate care unit (ICU).
This patient was discharged and took NSAID on demand at home.