BioMed Research International / 2015 / Article / Tab 6

Clinical Study

The Effects of Aquatic Exercises on Physical Fitness and Muscle Function in Dialysis Patients

Table 6

The coefficients of Spearman’s- rank correlation between Fullerton test results and peak torque value at angular velocities of 60°/s, 180°/s, and 300°/s in the group of studied women. Coefficients that were statistically significant at were highlighted in bold.

Fullerton testPeak torque PT [N-m]
60 R60 L60 R60 L180 R180 L180 R180 L300 R300 L300 R300 L

Eight foot up and go [s]−0.71−0.66−0.64−0.46−0.69−0.66−0.38−0.51−0.67−0.65−0.35−0.48
Chair stand [n]0.660.650.350.420.660.650.260.350.650.650.240.31
Arm curl [n]0.650.660.310.360.610.600.320.360.600.590.300.28
Chair seat and reach [cm]0.170.310.260.310.
Back scratch [cm]
6-minute walk test [m]0.710.650.410.470.690.650.390.530.670.650.370.51

R—right, L—left.