Research Article

Targeted Mutation of Nuclear Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 Impairs Secondary Immune Response in a Mouse Model

Figure 1

Spleen size is reduced in naïve compared to wild type mice. (a) Spleen weight as a percentage of total body weight in naïve wild type and mutant adult mice between 6 and 8 months of age. Values shown are average ± SE ( per group). (b) Spleen leukocyte types were measured using flow cytometry. Values are shown as a percentage of the parent group, with the largest parent group being total spleen leukocytes. For example, the columns labeled CD4+ represent the percent of total leukocytes that were CD4+. If subgroups were analyzed, the parent group is given before the slash mark. For example, CD4+/CD5+ represents the percent of CD4+ cells that were also CD5+. CD4+/CD25+/CD44+ represents the percentage of CD4+ and CD25+ cells that are also CD44+ (cells that are positive for both CD4 and CD25 are the parent group). Values shown are average ± SE ( per group).