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Clinical Study

Long-Term Clinical Outcome after Treatment for High-Grade Cervical Lesions: A Retrospective Monoinstitutional Cohort Study

Table 1

Principal characteristics of the 760 cases included in the study.


Histological diagnosis at baseline
 CIN3/in situ carcinoma33043.4
 Microinvasive carcinoma152.0

Colposcopic diagnosis at baseline
 Negative 8711.4
 G1 (abnormal grade 1)37849.7
 G2 (abnormal grade 2)27936.7
 Suspected invasive carcinoma10.1

Squamocolumnar junction location
 Type 1 (visible, ectocervical)53270.0
 Type 2 (visible, endocervical)15820.8
 Type 3 (nonvisible, in endocervix)526.8


Margins status of the excised specimens
 Not assessable202.6

HPV test at first follow-up
 HPV 16344.7
 Other high-risk HPV334.6
 Low-risk HPV8912.2
 Not performed21529.8

Residual* lesions
 Microinvasive carcinoma30.4
 Invasive carcinoma10.1
Recurrent** lesions

Residual: lesions detected at first follow-up.
**Recurrent: lesions detected after one or more negative follow-up visits.