Figure 1: Creation of artificial wounds and application of different wound-closing procedures. (a) The artificial, 1.5-cm, vertical incision using standard surgical scalpel (blade number 24, Swann Morton, UK) made in dorsal region. (b) The ADSC cells administrated in multipoint injection of six surrounding intrawound areas, with additional freely leaving procedure of the cells between skin flaps just before applying adhesive (Indermil flexifuze, Connexicon Medical Ltd., Ireland) to close the wound. (c) Rat from C1 group; only adhesive and delicate approximation of skin surfaces using anatomical forceps was employed. (d) Presentation of animal from the C3 group, in which only Steri-Strips were used. (e) C4 group: wounds were closed with subcuticular running sutures with 7-0 polypropylene sutures (Prolene Ethicon, Johnson & Johnson, USA) and secured on the ends with mild rubber separators.