Table 3: Incidence rate of studies of HBV infection and ICC/ECC.

AuthorsYearCountryCancer groupHBV infection cases (n)CCA cases (n)Reference

Matsumoto et al.2014JapanICC1650[11]
Luo et al2014ChinaICC6081233[12]
Liu et al.2013ChinaICC3781[13]
Yin et al.2013ChinaICC139411[14]
Zhou et al.2013ChinaECC88239[15]
Wu et al.2013ChinaICC97138[16]
Lee et al.2013China (Taiwan)ICC29127[17]
Yin et al.2012ChinaICC131386[19]
Qu et al.2012ChinaECC19305[20]
Jiang et al.2011ChinaICC44102[22]
Zhou et al.2011ChinaICC87155[23]
Zhou et al.2010ChinaICC154317[25]
Zhou et al.2008ChinaICC64131[26]
Lee et al.2006KoreaICC1179[29]
Asayama et al.2002JapanICC868[31]