BioMed Research International / 2016 / Article / Fig 3

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High Efficient Expression, Purification, and Functional Characterization of Native Human Epidermal Growth Factor in Escherichia coli

Figure 3

SDS-PAGE analysis of recombinant hEGF-Mxe-SUMO-H10 purified by one-step affinity chromatography. M: protein ladder marker shown in kDa on the left side of the panel; lane 1: supernatant sample after induction for 4 h; lane 2: precipitate sample after induction for 4 h; lane 3: flow through solution; lanes 4–8: five different elution buffer with 50 mM, 100 mM, 150 mM, 200 mM, and 500 mM imidazole buffer, respectively.