Table 1: The GO functions, KEGG pathways, and DO terms separately enriched for upregulated and downregulated genes. (a) The top 5 GO functions enriched for upregulated genes. (b) The KEGG pathways enriched for upregulated genes. (c) The DO terms enriched for upregulated genes. (d) The top 5 GO functions enriched for downregulated genes.

CategoryIDDescriptionCountGene symbol value

BPGO:0044243Multicellular organismal catabolic process15ACE2, COL10A1, COL11A1
BPGO:0030574Collagen catabolic process14FAP, MMP1, MMP10
BPGO:1903047Mitotic cell cycle process41ANLN, AURKB, BUB1
BPGO:0044259Multicellular organismal macromolecule metabolic process15ACE2, COL10A1, COL11A1
BPGO:0007067Mitotic nuclear division22ANLN, AURKB, CDC20
CCGO:0005576Extracellular region122ACE2, ACOT11, ACY3
CCGO:0005615Extracellular space46ACE2, AGR2, BPIFA10.002024


IDDescriptionCountGene symbol value

hsa04974Protein digestion and absorption11ACE2, COL10A1, COL11A10.001244
hsa04110Cell cycle11CDC20, MAD2L1, CCNB20.026338


DOID DescriptionCountGene symbolAdjust. value

DOID:0050687Cell type cancer64AURKB, MAD2L1, ASPM
DOID:2994Germ cell cancer41AURKB, MAD2L1, CA90.001326
DOID:4766Embryoma38AURKB, BUB1, MAD2L10.008727
DOID:688Embryonal cancer38AURKB, MAD2L1, CA90.009481


CategoryIDDescriptionCountGene symbol value

BPGO:0044699Single-organism process296AADAC, ABCB1, ABCG2
BPGO:0044707Single-multicellular organism process150WNT3A, ACVRL1, ADCY4
BPGO:0003013Circulatory system process24ACVRL1, ADRA1A, ADRB1
BPGO:0032501Multicellular organismal process152WNT3A, ACVRL1, ADCY40.001393
BPGO:0008015Blood circulation23ACVRL1, ADRA1A, ADRB10.001693
CCGO:0031226Intrinsic component of plasma membrane72ACVRL1, ADRA1A, ADRB1
CCGO:0005886Plasma membrane139WNT3A, ADCY8, ADGRB3
CCGO:0071944Cell periphery140WNT3A, ANXA8, AQP10
CCGO:0044459Plasma membrane part86AGER, AGTR1, AQP10
CCGO:0005887Integral component of plasma membrane68FZD4, GHR, GP9