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Analysis of the Influence of Complexity and Entropy of Odorant on Fractal Dynamics and Entropy of EEG Signal

Table 2

Effect sizes of pairwise comparisons.

ConditionFractal dimension effect size ()Approximate entropy effect size ()

No odorant versus benzyl alcohol0.590.46
No odorant versus dimethyl succinate0.860.78
No odorant versus diethyl malonate0.910.88
No odorant versus diethyl succinate0.920.89
No odorant versus diethyl malate0.940.90
Benzyl alcohol versus dimethyl succinate0.370.33
Benzyl alcohol versus diethyl malonate0.510.52
Benzyl alcohol versus diethyl succinate0.590.59
Benzyl alcohol versus diethyl malate0.740.65
Dimethyl succinate versus diethyl malonate0.230.35
Dimethyl succinate versus diethyl succinate0.410.49
Dimethyl succinate versus diethyl malate0.700.60
Diethyl malonate versus diethyl succinate0.260.26
Diethyl malonate versus diethyl malate0.670.46
Diethyl succinate versus diethyl malate0.500.27