Research Article

Dynamics of Actin Stress Fibers and Focal Adhesions during Slow Migration in Swiss 3T3 Fibroblasts: Intracellular Mechanism of Cell Turning

Figure 8

Change in alignment of SFs together with the change in FA stability in the front and intermediate regions. (a) Merged images of GFP-actin and RFP-zyxin. The time after the start of observation is denoted in minutes. (b) SFs of interest extracted from (a). Each image in (b) corresponds to that in (a). (c) Temporal change in FA area indicated as “A” and “B” in (a). At 30 minutes, there were 2 FAs in the intermediate lateral region (“A” and “B” in (a)). Short dorsal SFs (red lines in (b)) were assembled from both FAs toward the inside of the cell and they seemed to connect to the other two long arc SFs (yellow lines in (b)). Then, at 39 minutes, both arc SFs started to fuse into a single arc SF. At this time point, 2 dorsal SFs and the arc SF still seemed to be distinct. At 45 minutes, these 3 SFs became a single SF linked to the FAs, which is ventral SF (green line in the intermediate region in (b)).