Research Article

Prediction of Small Bowel Obstruction Caused by Bezoars Using Risk Factor Categories on Multidetector Computed Tomographic Findings

Figure 3

Calcareous bezoar in the distal segment of the small bowels causing SBO. (a) MDCT coronal image of anterior part of abdomen demonstrates small bowel dilatation and fluid accumulation. (b) MDCT coronal image of posterior part of the abdomen reveals a calcareous bezoar (white arrow) in the distal segment of the ileum and a gallstone (black arrow). (c) MDCT with CPR image clearly indicates the location of the calcareous bezoar (arrow), proximal bowel wall thickening and abnormal enhancement, mesenteric haziness and vascular engorgement, and a distal collapsed bowel. (d) MDCT axial image shows multiple target signs (arrows) in the small bowel proximal to the calcareous bezoar.