Table 1: Epidemiological, family, and personal history characteristics of patients included in the BRUCIP study.


Sample size ()262 patients
Sex (male/female)143 (54.6%)/119 (45.4%)
Age1 month (0–23 days)
Weight4.6 kg (1.4–14)
Stay in PICU7 days (1–46)
Total hospital stay11 days (3–59 days)
FH of smoking83 patients (31.7%)
FH of atopy66 patients (25.2%)
Breast-feeding for at least first 15 days of life145 patients (55.3%)
Risk factor for severity70 patients (26.7%)
 (i) Premature (i) 55 patients (21%)
 (ii) Heart disease (ii) 10 patients (3.81%)
 (iii) Respiratory disease (iii) 5 patients (1.90%)
 (iv) Neuromuscular disease (iv) 2 patients (0.8%)
Prophylaxis with palivizumab14 patients (5.3%)

Median and range.
FH: family history; PICU: paediatric intensive care unit.