Figure 1: Functional assays of in vitro differentiated OC. (a) Representative images, at culture day 21, of adhering precursors stimulated with M-CSF, RANKL, dexamethasone, and TGF-β stained for TRAP, where the pit assay was performed. (b) OC number increased throughout time and, at culture days 14 and 21, patients at follow-up had significantly fewer osteoclasts than at baseline ( and 0.0203, resp.). No differences were found in the number of resorption pits/mm2; patients at follow-up had significantly smaller pits at culture day 21 (resorbed area/pit, ) and significantly less resorbed area at culture day 21, when compared to their baseline (). Dots represent median counts for each group at each time point and bars represent interquartile range. d: day; OC: osteoclast. Scale bars: 100 μm; red arrows: osteoclasts; black arrows: resorption pits. τ: remained significant after adjusting for multiple comparisons.