Table 4: Results of mean comparison tests for characteristics which showed a significant result according to ANOVA. Mean values followed by the same letter do not differ according to the test () in (a) or according to Tukey’s test () in (b) and (c). Treatment levels are related to (a) type of compost; (b) morphological mushroom parts; (c) physiological stage of maturity. DM: dry matter (%); M: moisture (%); N: nitrogen (%); P: protein (%); A: ash (%); CFi: crude fiber (%); CFa: crude fat (%); TC: total carbohydrate (%); AC: available carbohydrate (%); EV: energy value (kcal 100 g−1 DM); ADF: acid detergent fiber (g kg−1); NDF: neutral detergent fiber (g kg−1); HE: hemicellulose (g kg−1); CE: cellulose (g kg−1); LI: lignin (g kg−1).



Note. MC: Manchego Compost; VC: Villacasa Compost.


Wh. Mush.9.6990.096.6329.037.735.582.1860.8355.25358.8314.5036.0721.577.60

Note. Wh. Mush: whole mushroom.


Mat. Stipes10.5089.504.3218.916.685.941.5972.8266.88364.9110.1024.6914.586.543.71
Imm. Stipes10.1789.835.6124.557.295.411.8566.3160.90363.0312.1629.8217.667.294.98
Mat. Pilei8.8191.197.1031.108.045.733.1257.7552.02360.8216.1342.3526.226.999.22
Imm. Pilei9.8890.128.4136.838.445.391.7652.9747.58352.2717.3741.2923.927.1510.32
Mat. Wh. Mush.9.3790.186.0926.677.525.782.5662.8057.02360.6413.9435.9422.006.807.25
Imm. Wh. Mush.10.0189.997.1731.407.935.401.8058.8753.47357.0315.0636.2121.157.217.95

Note. Mat: mature; Imm.: immature; Wh. Mush: whole mushroom.