Research Article

Reduction of Mosquito Survival in Mice Vaccinated with Anopheles stephensi Glucose Transporter

Figure 5

The Effect of Anti-GTp Antibodies on A. stephensi Mosquitos and Malaria Parasites. (a) Oviposition. Total number of eggs laid after each experiment () were counted and compared between GTp-immunized and nonimmunized groups. (b) Mosquito survival after blood meal with anti-GTp immune serum and preimmune serum. (c). Plasmodium mRNA levels at 18th day after blood meal in SGs tissues. Statistical analyses of (a) and (b) results were performed using Mann–Whitney test and for (c) using CFX Manager Software (). MONT INF: control mice with Plasmodium infection; GTp INF: GTp-immunized mice with Plasmodium infection.