Figure 1: Plastination of the triangular fibrocartilage disc complex. Dorsal coronal section (a) and ventral coronal section (b) in a similar plane and orientation for plastination (left) and magnetic resonance imaging (right). Note the fibrocartilaginous attachments of the complex at the radius, ulna, and triquetrum. The asterisk () indicates a deformation artifact introduced due to dehydration-related deformation. CU = collateral ulnar ligament; DRU = dorsal radioulnar ligament; ET = extension of the triangular fibrocartilage; LT = lunotriquetral ligament; SL = scapholunate ligament; TD = triangular disc; TF = triangular fibrocartilage; UL = ulnolunate ligament; L = lunate; R = radius; S = scaphoid; T = triquetrum; U = ulna; di = distal; l = lateral; m = medial; pr = proximal.