Table 1: Literature about leadership types and manager.

AuthorsPaper DesignStressors

Agervold and Mikkelsen [36]The Psychosocial Work Environment and Stress Questionnaire (PWSQ)Autocratic management style
Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ)
-test and chi-square

Hauge et al. [7]NAQ-RevisedTyrannical leadership; laissez-faire leadership

Nyberg et al. [37]Multiple logistic regression analysesInspirational leadership, autocratic leadership, and self-centered leadership

Hoel et al. [38]Structural equation modelsAutocratic leadership; participative leadership; noncontingent punishment (NCP leadership); laissez-faire style of leadership

Westerlund et al. [39]Logistic regressionsAttentive managerial leadership

Oxenstierna et al. [40]Multiple logistic regressionsLack of trust in leadership, dictatorial
leadership, bad relationship to closest superior

Mihalcea [41]-test; chi-squareLaissez-faire
Transactional leadership
The Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ)