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Antifatigue Functions and Mechanisms of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms

Table 3

Polysaccharides from edible and medicinal mushrooms for fatigue mitigation.

FamilySpeciesPolysaccharide compositionMechanism for anti-fatigueRef.

GanodermataceaeGanoderma lucidumβ-D-GlucanStimulates macrophages activity;
Promotes antioxidant enzyme activity.
[55, 69]

AgaricaceaeAgaricus bisporusβ-1,3-GlucanImproves natural killer cell activities.[59]

PleurotaceaePleurotus ostreatusβ-GlucanModulates changes in natural killer cell activities.[70]

MeripilaceaeMeripilus giganteusGlucan, Mw of 1.48 × 105 DaStrong free radical scavenging activity.[71]

EntolomataceaeEntoloma lividoalbumβ-GlucanStimulates macrophage, splenocyte, and thymocyte;
Strong free radical scavenging activity.

CordycipitaceaeCordyceps sinensisCSP-1 with glucose, mannose, and galactose in the ratio of 1 : 0.6 : 0.75;
EPS-glycopeptide complex with EPS comprising glucose and mannose in the ratio of 3.2 : 1.0 and glycopeptide having Mw of 6.0 kDa
Hypoglycemic effect;
Inhibits lactic acid production and increase liver and muscle glycogen storage;
Regulates body hormone.
[32, 61, 65, 81]

TremellaceaeTremella fuciformisα-(1→3)-linked D-mannan as backbone chain and small xylose- and glucuronic acid-containing side chainsImproves muscular function;
Promotes antioxidant enzyme activity and strong free radical scavenging activity;
Promotes liver protein synthesis.
[48, 50, 64, 73]

MarasmiaceaeLentinus edodesMannose, glucose, and galactoseStrong free radical scavenging activity;
Promotes antioxidant enzyme activity.
[49, 74]

PhysalacriaceaeArmillaria ostoyaeGlucan and branched galactoglucan with glucose and galactose at the molar ratio of 6 : 1Antioxidant activity.[75]

PhysalacriaceaeFlammulina velutipesThree heteropolysaccharides with glucose, galactose, mannose, and xylose at different molar ratios and Mw of 9,930, 62,290, and 36,310 DaAntioxidant activity.[76]

PolyporaceaeLentinus fusipesHeteroglycan with D-galactose and D-glucose in the molar ratio of approximately 1 : 1 and Mw of 60 kDaStimulates splenocyte and macrophage activity;
DPPH radical scavenging activity.

PolyporaceaeGanoderma atrumPolysaccharide-phenolic/protein conjugates with polysaccharide comprising mannose, galactose, and glucose in the ratio of 1 : 1.28 : 4.91 and Mw of 1,013 kDaAntioxidant activity;
Improves immunomodulation.
[78, 79]

PleurotaceaePleurotus abalonesPolysaccharide-
peptide complex with polysaccharide comprising glucose, rhamnose, glucuronic acid, and galactose in the molar ratio of 22.4 : 1 : 1.7 : 1.6 and peptide having N-terminal amino acid sequence
Antioxidant activity.