Table 2: Semen parameters according to electromagnetic field exposure level.

Group 1 (Sham procedure)Group 2 (3 cm, 6 h/d)Group 3 (10 cm, 18 h/d)Group 4 (3 cm, 18 h/d)-value

 Spermatid count (mean ± SD), ×106
Histopathologic (mean ± SD)
 Count of Seminiferous tubule, ×100
 Sum of germ cell
 Leydig cell, ×400<0.001
 Johnsen’s biopsy score

Hemocytometer view was calculated by hemocytometer in specimen which obtained by semen samples were collected from the left caudal epididymis; Histopathologic view was calculated by light microscope after H-E stain by uro-pathologist.