BioMed Research International / 2018 / Article / Fig 2

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Inhibitory Effects of Compounds and Extracts from Ampelopsis brevipedunculata on IL-6-Induced STAT3 Activation

Figure 2

Inhibitory effects of JAK2, STAT3, and ERK activation by ABEA on IL-6-stimulated U266 cell lines. Cells were preincubated with ABEA for 1 h before stimulation with IL-6 (10 ng/mL). Western blot analysis indicated that ABEA inhibited the phosphorylation of JAK2, STAT3, and ERK in U266 cells. The total amount of the corresponding nonphosphorylated protein was used as a loading control for the phosphorylated proteins. Genistein was used as a positive control. Values are the means ± SE; p < 0.05 compared with the IL-6-treated group.