Figure 4: An 18-year-old female with a moderately differentiated adult fibrosarcoma. (a, b) Axial SE T1WI and coronal fat suppressed FSE T2WI exhibiting lobulated long T1 and mixed T2 signal masses in the left calf deep fascia, with a nodular lump close to the deep fascia (white arrow in (a)). T2WI exhibited band-like areas of low signal (black arrow in (b)) with patch-shaped long T2 signal regions in surrounding muscle, representing muscle edema (asterisk in (b)). (c) Coronal SE T1W enhanced scan showing a spoke-wheel-like enhancement pattern. (d) Pathological image (He ×100), with tumor cells and collagen fibers arranged in crisscrossing bundles, demonstrating a characteristic “herringbone” arrangement.