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From 4D Medical Images (CT, MRI, and Ultrasound) to 4D Structured Mesh Models of the Left Ventricular Endocardium for Patient-Specific Simulations

Figure 5

Strategy used to build a high-quality mesh of the LV chamber: (1) a truncated pyramid is mapped with the desired mesh topology (resp., 9, 36, 144, and 420 patches from left to right); (2) the mapped truncated pyramid is scaled up and down to fit completely inside and outside the LV; the CPs of the two scaled truncated pyramids define the projection trajectories to be followed to locate the CPs onto the target LV; (3) the CPs are projected onto the LV surface; (4) the LV surface is reconstructed by using the projected CPs and the connectivity of the truncated pyramid. The user can directly choose the number of nodes by varying the number of subdivisions of the patches.