Research Article

Colour Vignetting Correction for Microscopy Image Mosaics Used for Quantitative Analyses

Figure 7

MicroMos GUI. The new release of MicroMos is endowed with a GUI that makes the selection of the different modules, to choose different geometric and tonal registration strategies, very simple. (a) Colour mosaic obtained without performing any tonal correction and imposing the first registered image into the front (i.e., upper layer). (b) Same mosaic as (a), but with the last image into the front. Seams (highlighted also from arrowheads) are visible in the magnified details. (c) Same mosaic as (a), but vignetting corrected. No seam is now visible in the high-magnification detail reported at the bottom of the mosaic. (d) GUI of MicroMos with the main screen describing all the buttons and flags that enable the function of the various modules.