Table 2: Determination of the chemical nature of active compounds produced by Pseudomonas strains.

Pseudomonas strainsDrop collapse assayEthyl acetate extract activityColoration by anthroneColoration by ninhydrin

P. aeruginosa 8H+++-
P. aeruginosa CHA+++-
P. aeruginosa UCBPP-PA14+++-
P. cepacia 4512----
P. sp DSS73++-+
P. fluorescens MFAD21c++-+
P. fluorescens MFAH4a++-+
P. fluorescens MFAO2++-+
P. fluorescens MFE01++-+
P. fluorescens PfA7b++-+
P. fulva 1324----
P. fulva B6----
P. fulva B8----
P. libanensis 4000----
P. otitidis 4014+++-
P. putida 1243----
P. putida 1312----
P. putida MFAF88++-+
P. putida MFAK14----
P. syringae MFAA66a++-+
P. syringae MFAE88++-+

+: three independent assays give a positive result.
-: three independent assays give a negative result.