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Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection Exacerbates Atherosclerosis in ApoB100only/LDLR−/− Mouse Strain

Figure 3

Cpn-specific antibodies in the mice. The serum antibody levels were measured in ApoB100only/LDLR−/− and ApoE−/− mice 1 week after first (1x), second (2x), third (3x) Cpn infection and at the end of the experiment (week 12) by an in-house ELISA test with Cpn antigen. (a) Geometric mean (GM) of IgG titres, reciprocal of dilutions producing OD ≥ 0.1 is shown. (b) For detection of Cpn-specific IgM and (c) IgA level in the sera 1 : 50 dilutions of serum samples (ApoB100only/LDLR−/−: , ApoE−/− mice: ) were tested with the ELISA test. OD values and standard deviations (SD) are shown. Data represent the results of one of two independent experiments.