Figure 2: (a) Morphology of iPSCs and iPSC-MSCs observed by a light microscope (×100). The morphology of the iPSC-MSCs resembled elongated spindle shaped cells and differed significantly from the undifferentiated iPSCs. The yellow arrow showed that cell morphology exhibited a round shape, and the red arrows showed that cell morphology changed to a long spindle shape. Scale bar 200μm. (b) Surface antigen expression of CD on undifferentiated iPSCs and iPSC-MSCs by flow cytometry analysis. Flow cytometry analysis showed iPSC-MSCs obviously expressed markers associated with the mesenchymal phenotype (positive for CD44 and CD90; negative for CD31 and CD45) compared to undifferentiated iPSCs. P<0.01, one-way ANOVA with Tukey’s multiple comparison test.