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Inter- and Intraspecific Variations in the Pectoral Muscles of Common Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes), Bonobos (Pan paniscus), and Humans (Homo sapiens)

Figure 2

(a) Superficial dissection of the pectoralis major in Homo sapiens. We can see a pectoralis abdominis. PMpc (pectoralis major pars clavicularis), PMpsc (pectoralis major pars sternocostalis), PMpa (pectoralis major pars abdominis), and Pa (pectoralis abdominis). (b) Dissection of the pectoral region in Homo sapiens. The pectoralis major has been moved to one side to show two deep supernumerary fascicles. PM (pectoralis major), PMdf (pectoralis major deep fascicle), and Pa (pectoralis abdominis).