BioMed Research International / 2018 / Article / Fig 4

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Characteristics of Organic Acid Secretion Associated with the Interaction between Burkholderia multivorans WS-FJ9 and Poplar Root System

Figure 4

Induced effect of 20 mg·L–1 IAA on poplar roots secreting organic acids. The contents of both GA and malonic acid in different nutrient solutions cultured poplar had no significant differences. The normal-P solution was the modified Hoagland nutrient solution containing 136 mg·L–1 KH2PO4 and for the 0-P nutrient solution, KH2PO4 was replaced by 74.55 g of KCl and pH value was 6.8; for the low-P solution, every 68 g KH2PO4 was replaced by 37.3 g of KCl and pH value was 6.7; and for the high-P solution, the content of KH2PO4 was doubled compared to the normal-P solution and pH value was 6.4.