Table 4: The differences between classifications given in the present study and those of other authors.

Types of insertion of the PtMCummins et al.
Nayak et al.
van Sterkenburg et al.
Olewnik et al.

Fan-shaped insertion into the medial calcaneal tuberosity47-244444

To the calcaneus, occurring 0.5–2.5 cm anterior to the medial boarder of the calcaneal tendon36.5-1.886.9

Broad insertion investing the posteriori and medial surfaces on the adjacent distal calcaneal tendon12.5-152218.1

Insertion into the medial border of the calcaneal tendon at a level 1–16 cm proximal point at which the calcaneal tendon4----

insertion to the calcaneal tuberosity on the medial side, along with the Achilles tendon of the PT was in beaded in common parathendon with the calcaneal tendon---1822.4

Insertion to the deep fascia--0.943.4

Insertion to the flexor retinaculum of the leg-28.8--5.2

Medial onto calcaneus--20--

Medial onto calcaneal tendon--2.8--

Medial with thin slips onto calcaneus--4.7--

Anteromedial onto calcaneus--14--

Anteromedial fan-shaped onto calcaneus--17--

To the os calcaneus-36.5---

To the calcaneal tendon at varus level-26.9---