Table 2: First-week clinical data of the kidney recipients after transplantation.


CR (μmol/L)0.00020.00020.9992
BUN (mmol/L)<0.0001<0.00010.3914
UA (μmol/L)0.01200.11670.3640
HGB (g/L)0.44590.05350.3336
ALB (g/L)0.55760.05060.2364
PLT (×109/L)0.57180.42530.0734
Pro, -/+/++/+++1/0/1/23/0/1/15/0/0/00.7890a0.0735a0.6924a

Data were expressed as mean antibody concentration ± SD. P1, P2, and P3 values referred to the comparison of the patients between DGF group and Ctrl group, DGF group and Ntr group, and DGF group and Ntr group, respectively. aNonparametric test. DGF: delayed graft function; Ctrl: control; Ntr: normal control (patients without kidney transplantation); CR: serum creatinine; BUN: blood urea nitrogen; UA: uric acid; HGB: hemoglobin; ALB: albumin; PLT: platelet; Pro: urine protein.